Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trying again with a new look

I figured since I was going to attempt to do this again, it would be wise to change the look of the blog. I am no tech wizard, so I just went with one of the templates offered by blogger. Maybe if I keep this up and feel like it, I will customize it a little.

I guess I just want a place to jot stuff down.

Today is the first day of Art Fair here in Ann Arbor. Hundreds of thousands of people descend on the town during the 4 day festival. I usually try my best to avoid it if I can. Parking is scarce if not impossible and I get really overwhelmed by the crowds. The kids have a little interest in going this year, so I may take them down to walk around, but I do get anxious about them getting away from me and getting lost.

When I first moved to Ann Arbor 16 years ago, I met this guy who was a cabbie in town. He let me know his thoughts about art fair in no uncertain terms:

"It ain't art, and it ain't fair". Spoken like a true disgruntled townie.


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