Friday, June 16, 2006

onward and upward

It is now officially, Summer Vacation.

Brooke finished preschool this morning and is now a bonafide kindergartner. She couldn't be happier, I on the other hand am feeling a little sad. We have finished a major milestone of childhood. Today we said goodbye to preschool.

I found this wonderful montessori school 4 years ago. By some miracle I managed to get Andrew in when he was 4 years old (the school year had already started, but they had one spot that was unfilled.) He remained there for 2 years and then Brooke started there when she turned 3. I love this little preschool. It is homey and nurturing and the teachers are kind and lovely. Despite the fact that the school is on the other side of town -- far out of my way, I have never complained about the distance. The school is worth the drive and the extra money I have spent on gas. I love the school that much.

For the past few months Brooke was having a hard time at school and we chalked it up to the fact that she was feeling sad because she was going to be going to the big school near our house. We thought (and she said) that she was feeling sad because she was going to miss her friends at school and was nervous about starting at Andrew's school next year. The teachers and I had numerous conferences and devised various plans to help Brooke manage her anxiety. As the weeks went on, things got better. However, I never realized just how attatched I had become to the school! I am going to miss the teachers and all the other kids as well. And while I won't be upset about saving money on gas, I am truly going to miss being there every day.

I know wonderful things lie in store for both my kids at the new montessori school. Andrew has done well there the past 2 years and I think that Brooke will thrive there. I think the thing that is really getting to me is I am mourning just a little bit of their childhood. They are growing and getting bigger by the minute. I know that parenting is a process of letting go, but this is one of the harder things I have had to let go.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

dexter-ann arbor kids fun run

Andrew and Brooke before the race

Andrew warms up before the race.

Andrew likes his medal.

Brooke celebrates with an ice cream cone from Washtenaw Dairy. Posted by Picasa