Monday, January 31, 2005

Thoughts from the fog

Had a pretty good weekend. I cleaned out my closet on Saturday. Now that may not sound like your idea of a good time, but let me tell you, it rocked!!! I just happened to catch Oprah on Friday and she had this woman on who could not clean up her house. Seriously, it had been like 2 years or something. She had three dogs who shit everywhere, and she didn't clean it up! There was a bathroom covered in shit! It got to the point that she couldn't handle it so she just shut the door and didn't go in there. I kid you not! She was so overwhelmed by the task of cleaning this house of skank, that she called Oprah. And the dog crap wasn't the only thing, there were dirty dishes everywhere, rotting food in the refrigerator and piles of stuff on every flat surface. I have never been so freaked out by a television show. I swear I nearly puked. Anyway, I was motivated to clean out my closet. I cleaned out 3 big bags of clothes and shoes that dh and I no longer wear. Felt good! Next task is to get into the kids closets....

Then yesterday we went to see a new Imax 3-D movie. It's called Aliens of the Deep and it is all about these scientists exploring the intense depths of the ocean. What they learn from our oceans they hope to apply to some of Jupiter's moons. Ds was really into it. He is 6 and thinks space stuff is cool. I hope he remains curious about stuff like that. Anyway if you can take James Cameron then I recommend it. He bugged me a little bit, but I liked the movie anyway.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Jeez are you kidding me?

Wow, I have finally done it. Stepped into the realm of the blogosphere. I never thought I would do it. Don't expect too much. I am just another average josephine posting thoughts like everyone else. I may occasionally come up with some nugget to rock your world, but don't count on it. I guess it is pretty fascinating to read blogs. Like peeking into someone's diary, but don't think that you are getting the true thoughts, everyone is a poser on line.